In our work we understand that settlement and integration is a transitional healing process. We liken the process of healing to Uttanasana—Intense Standing Forward Pose— which is a conscious and transitional pose. Our peer support group functions like Uttanasana where we consciously exercise an intense stretch by addressing questions like: What are you holding onto? What do you need to surrender? What needs stretching? What needs work?
**All information obtained through the peer support relationship is confidential.

Jamii Circle


Purposeful Conversations || A drop-in group support for refugee women in our community addressing the unique transitional phase refugee women face in adapting to Canadian society. Peer support is a mental health wellness enhancing strategy; the women connect to other women and to the wider community.

**Drop-in times and location, and activities and workshops offered can be located in our HOME|Welcome page.


We provide education and support through advocacy work. We address the daily practices that support our ever-evolving inner and outer lives —lives in transition, as we build a new understanding of HOME: spiritually, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Jamii Circle

Building our strength and resilience || The mind is our place of work and service: building, dismantling and rebuilding.